Our team consists of more than 1300 highly-qualified & knowledgeable industry professionals, all being specialists in their respective fields. Together, we make sure to deliver excellent service quality & ensure that our clients are getting the best returns on their investments.

  • Omendra Bharadwaj


    Omendra Bharadwaj leads the Board in policy formulation with a special focus on global business strategy, business synergy, and human resource management.

  • Yaduvendra Mathur


    Yaduvendra Mathur is a retired Indian Administrative Service Officer of the 1986 batch. He is an expert in infrastructure institutional financing, project financing, framework, policy formation.

  • Vishwas Jain

    Managing Director

    Vishwas Jain is the founder of CEG. He is a first-generation entrepreneur and a known infrastructure expert in the country.

  • R.N Dwivedi

    Director Railway & Metro

    R.N Dwivedi is a renowned expert in the field of the Railways & Metro industry. As Director, he heads the railway & Metro business on the domestic as well as international front along with managing its timely delivery in a professional manner.

  • Veenu Jain Sukhlecha

    Director and Chief Operating Officer

    Veenu Jain Sukhlecha is the administrative head and chief of operations. She is responsible for establishing policies and promotes company culture.

  • Harshita Jain


    Harshita Jain is a professional in planning, coordinating and implementing business plans. She is responsible for taking the company to the international market.

  • Nirmal Jit Singh

    Executive Director

    Nirmal Jit Singh is a renowned expert in the Indian highway industry. He is responsible for managing highway projects, with a rigorous focus on performance management and successful completion.

  • S.K.Singhvi

    Director (Coordination & Design)

    S.K. Singhvi heads the Highway and Bridge design sub groups. He has more than four decades’ experience in Design, Supervision, Project Management, Contract Administration and Road Safety for the Road and Bridge Sector.

  • S. S. Khandelwal

    Associate Director (Transport)

    S.S. Khandelwal is the head of Highway Design department, and leads the design team to provide creative solutions from project inception to its completion.

  • Arvind Jain

    Associate Director (Structures)

    Arvind Jain oversees and manages the Structural Design Division. With an experience of over 25 years, he is an expert in designing bridges for the Highway and Railway sector.